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Magic Moon - Black

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Magic Moon - White

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The revolutionary air purifier that reminisces a full moon in the dark.

It lights up its full-body in LED which seems to float in the dark. Combining with this visual spectacle are air-purification, refreshing scent and easier storage, all for a comfortable environment.

antibac2K Magic Moon has three keywords: "Antimicrobial efficacy", "Malodor elimination" and "Aromatherapy", It is a revolutionary air purifier which has encapsulation technology that blocks airborne viruses, bacteria and malodor from your life space.

Make Your Life Better

The quality of your life is highly dependent on your daily living space. The comfort of the place you live in, the way it is decorated, the air you breathe…… these are important elements that determine your daily well-being.

Our corporate vision is to “Make your life better”. Coupled with improving air quality, we bring you your favorite colors and aromas. Design the air you breathe for your comfort and quality of life.
antibac2K’s unique “Micro Encapsulation Technology” is designed to ‘capture’ and eliminate hazardous substances in the air: viruses, bacteria and malodorous.
Jointly developed by antibac Laboratories Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Evonik Goldschmidt Gmbh (Germany), our cutting edge technology is expressed beautifully in our air cleaning system to “wash the air”. Robustly tested and proven to be safe for humans and the environment, our air quality system perfectly meets the two current global concerns of being “environmentally friendly” and “the quality of our living space”.
When the antibac2K solution is stirred in the water and dispersed through the air, it forms an invisible protective net in the air around us, purifying it and removing malodors. MAGIC MOON can continuously provide you with a comfortable living space full of fresh air.
“Helping to design the air you breathe” ---------- this is antibac2K’s desire.

antibac2K wishes to provide you a comfortable living environment by air purification.

Please refer to the brochure “antibac2K aolution Guide Book” for antimicrobial efficacy and malodor elimination test results and data, or visit our website


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JAN Code 888 500840 1644
LED Champagne

JAN Code 888 500840 1637
LED Champagne


  | Design and Function


MAGIC MOON’s LED glow comes in two stages as shown below:

  • LED

  • COVERAGE                                        

  • MAGIC MOON can extend its purification radius to 40-50 sq. meter.

    WATER BOWL                                    

  • 洗浄しやすいウォーターボウル
  • The special designed of water bowl is for easier cleaning

DUAL FUNCTION                                    


    User Menu for MAGIC MOON
    Add water into the plastic bowl of MAGIC MOON to the indicated level. Shake antibac2K solution and pour 5ml-15ml into a container.
    Put the upper mechanism back onto the plastic bowl.
    Connect the power plug into the socket at the back of the upper mechanism of MAGIC MOON.
    Press the upper shell in order to turn it on. The upper shell will be slightly light when the device is running.
    Press the upper shell again will intensify the LED glow of the upper shell.
    The third press on the upper shell will turn off the LED light head only but the device is still in operation.
    The fourth press will switch off the device.

    Important reminders for antibac2K solution usage
    The validity of the antibac2K solution when mixed into the water is 48 hours.
    It is normal when the mixture of water with antibac2K solution turn murky in a smoking room or heavy polluted indoor area. Please change to a new mixture of water with antibac2K solution even when it is less than 48 hours
    Regarding the usage amount of antibac2K solution with maximum water level, MAGIC MOON covers an indoor space around 40-50 square meters (300ml water with 5ml to 15ml antibac2K solution). If the space is less than 40-50 square meters and if you find the aromatherapy fragrance too strong, we suggest using the non-fragrance antibac2K solution.
    Whilst MAGIC MOON has an automatic safety shut-off function, in order to maintain optimum function, please turn off the power for at least 1 hour after 22 hours of continuous operation.
    Please remember to top-up the water and antibac2K solution if the water reduces significantly during operation

    Specification of MAGIC MOON
    Model: MM series (See inside for color details)
    Dimensions: D17.5cm × H17.5cm
    Weight (approx.): 1.4kgs / 2.8kgs
    Power Consumption: Input-220V AC50-60Hz / Output-24V AC20W
    Water Required : about 300ml
    Coverage: about 40-50 square meters
    Usage duration: continuously about 22hours
    Automatic Power-off function: about 22 hours
    Standard accessories: solution measuring cup, a spare stirrer piece and cleaning brush.
    Measurement of package : 24.1 x 24.1 x 29.2cm

    ※Product specification in the document is subject to change without notice.

    Origin : MAGIC MOON - Made in Taiwan

    antibac2K solution - Made in Singapore (solution is sold separately).

     ※MAGIC MOON is not a medical device.

    While the highest safety standards have been met, the user bears all responsibility for its use, especially for inappropriate usage.

    The product is an air purifier. It must not be used for the other purposes.

    For more product information, please visit, or contact us