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AP2 - Green Tea

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AP2 - Ocean

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AP2 - Bulgarian Rose

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AP2 - Ice-Mint

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AP2 - Scent Free

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antibac2K AP2 SOLUTION (air-cleaning fluid) by Antibac Laboratiories Pte. Ltd (Singapore) and Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH (Germany) to jointly develop and commercialize the product. The Antibac2K of micro-encapsulation technology protect human from the invasion of airborne viruses, bacteria and odor. And tested products based on the third-party neutral testing agency adequately consider the safety of human and the environment.

antibac2K AP2 SOLUTION (air cleaning fluid) has a variety of flavor, can be used in conjunction with personal preferences and usage scenarios.
Very pleasant aroma and leisure space, Clean air with a happy mood, but also to enjoy a variety of different scents.

• • • This is antibac2K desire to purify the surrounding air.

  | 120 ml AP2 SOLUTION



In addition to the original 3 powerful functions - "Antimicrobial Efficacy" "Malodour Elimination" and "Aromatherapy",Coupled with the removal of PM2.5 pollution function. Bottles to use during the period of about a month, if you like the flavor, it is recommended that a bottle standing at home.



    Different flavor fragrance according to personal preference and intended use, there must be a right for you.

    With delicate and fresh aroma, non-fragranced solution will make your space fresh anytime and in anywhere.
    Energizing can make you feel a sense of fulfillment in addition calming you down and relaxing . It is one of our popular fragrances.
    Relax is an aroma which has warmth, and it will release your stress and make you relaxed. It will bring you a relaxing time.
    Green Tea
    It has a sweetish green tea flavor that naturally fits in daily space.
    Fresh forest aroma can make you feel refreshed.
    Bulgarian Rose
    You may fell refreshed and positive with its sophisticated and elegant aroma even if you do not feel well.
    The fragrance of Grapefruit is fresh, slightly bitter and sweet-and-sour.
    Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom is a mixture of a bit of Cherry Blossom incense and sweet and fruity incense. It makes you feel spring and makes you feel happy.
    Fruity Apple
    Blended with flower incense and fresh sweet fresh sweet fruity, fruity apple makes you feel refresh.
    It makes you feel marine blue ocean in the room with open and fresh incense.
    Oriental Flower
    Oriental flower is mild with freshness and not too sweet but noble and strong. It is designed in the image of Asia with oriental and spicy incense.
    Gardenia is mysterious flower that incense is rich, sweet and feminine.
    Splash Llly
    Lily has sweet and elegant incense with delicate exhilaration.
    Peony has a definite floral scent but it is light & sweet. Brought into a room will change the entire atmosphere.
    It is well blended with citrus flavor.
    Keep the refreshing mint flavor

    Herb Garden
    Noble and luxurious aroma reflected by spring garden.

    * The range of antibac2K AP2 solution ( air purification liquid ) might be changed any time. Please contact us or visit our official website.

      Like rich aroma user recommendations

      In order to achieve the desired air-cleaning effect, be sure to not less than the specified amount antibac2K AP2 Solution (air cleaning liquid).

      Use more antibac2K AP2 Solution (air cleaning liquid), better sterilization and deodorizing.