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Magic Shake MS-4 GOLD

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Magic Shake MS-1 WHITE

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Magic Shake MS-3 PINK

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Magic Shake MS-2 BLACK

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Magic Shake MS-5 SILVER

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Hydrogen Water is not a medicine,
therefore sustained consumption is very important.
As humans need 2 litres of water daily,it is imperative to use MagicShake for enhancing our daily drinking water.

Make your life better - antibac2K implements our product philosophy in water and invents Magic Shake, allowing everyone to enjoy the advantageous Hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.

[Aging Management] Do you know the symptoms of aging described below?
Wrinkles, aging and dull skin created by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
Eye fatigue, shoulder pain and swelling caused by intensive office environment
Excessive ROS created by extreme exercises
Working pressure
Body balance destroyed by extreme diets
Excessive ROS created by extreme exercises

If you have any symptoms above, your body is oxidizing slowly... However, the Hydrogen in Hydrogen water, being the lightest element in the world, can combine with ROS in our body into water and ready for excretion, therefore enhancing metabolism in our bodies, slowing down aging and improving the body’s immune system. Therefore, we recommend daily consumption of Hydrogen water.

It takes sustained consumption for lasting effects,
so please drink it daily and realize the difference!


Magic Shakeのここがスゴイ!

  | Available Colors

Santé -サンテ-

PINK 型番:MS-3

Model :MS-1
888 500840 1835

PINK 型番:MS-3

Model :MS-2
888 500840 1842

PINK 型番:MS-3

Model :MS-3
888 500840 1859

PINK 型番:MS-3

Model :MS-4
888 500840 1828

PINK 型番:MS-3

Model :MS-3
888 500840 1811

  | Design and Function

Magic Shakeのデザインと機能 各部名称 マジックシェイクの仕様に関して

  | Direction for MAGIC SHAKE


  • 1.Turn the head anti-clockwise and remove the electrode protective case, then wash the electrode with mild tap water. (Do not sink the entire product into water)
    2.Open your bottled mineral water and put MAGIC SHAKE’s electrode into the mineral water inside. Turn MAGIC SHAKE just like how you would turn the cap of bottled water into fixed position. You do not have to spill water out on purpose.
    3.Press the power switch and MAGIC SHAKE will start producing hydrogen water for you. A blue LED will glow in the electrode during operation.
    4.The blue LED glow will intensify after operating for 2 minutes.
    5.After one minute, MAGIC SHAKE will switch off automatically, indicated by the disappearance of the blue LED glow.
    6.Remove MAGIC SHAKE from the bottled water and clean the electrode with clean cloth or clean tissue. After drying the electrode, please put it back to the protective case. (Please do not touch the electrode after operation)
    7.You may now shake your bottled water well and enjoy your MAGIC SHAKE enhanced bottled hydrogen water.

*As different brands of bottled water have different concentrations of minerals, the concentration of hydrogen water produced will also be different.
*Consecutive production cycles can produce higher concentration of hydrogen water.
*A MAGIC SHAKE bottle-adaptor is sold separately for different neck diameter sizes of various brands.

東京都健康長寿医療センター研究所 老化制御研究チーム 研究副部長 大澤郁朗博士

電極棒付着物の分析結果報告書(1.52MB) 日本食品分析センター PH及び含有ミネラル検証データ(1.16MB)


About battery renewal
Please renew the batteries when the LED panel glows red.
*Red LED glow indicates weaker hydrogen production, which is a sign for renewing batteries
*Power consumption will depend on the brand of bottled mineral water.
4.5V ~
2.4V ~ 2.0 V
1.9V ~
Blue LED light at the brighest
Blue LED light weakens
Red LED panel glows

Testing results of MAGIC SHAKE power consumption and hydrogen production

Mineral Brand
Average value
Number of cycles before Blue LED weakens
About 60 times
About 50 times
About 40 times
About 35 times
About 50 times
Hydrogen concentration (at weak blue LED glow)
Number of cycles before LED Panel Glows red
About 110 times
About 90 times
About 85 times
About 80 times
About 90 times
Hydrogen concentration (at red LED glow)


Every electrodes yield 991-1000 production cycles
Upon the 991th cycle, the LED panel will glow red to remind you to renew the electrode.
The electrode will stop functioning after its 1000th cycle.


Do not use rechargeable batteries in MAGIC SHAKE in order to avoid damaging the product.

  | MAGIC SHAKE Specification

  Price:29800Yen MADE IN TAIWAN
  Size :Diameter 3.4cm x Height 21.2cm
  Weight:180g/400g(Not including batteries)
  Power Source:Power Source:AAA Batteries x 3 (Rechargeable batteries incompatible)
  Recommended bottled water volume:500ml
  Time taken for one cycle:3 minutes
  Hydrogen produced from one cycle:Average 0.12-0.20ppm
  * Hydrogen concentration and cycle time depends on the different concentration of mineralized bottled water.


This product is suitable for bottled mineral water of 500m or below
Please do not use carbonated water/pure water/tap water/distilled water as this might damage the product.
Please use the product when the bottled water is full.
Please do not use the product when the water temperature is 40 degrees Celsius or above.
Please do not consume hydrogen water along with medicine.
Please consume the processed water as soon as possible since the hydrogen concentration will decrease over time.
Please close the cap after drinking


Concerning the change of odor and taste after MAGIC SHAKE operation
Oxygen and isotopes cannot easily escape from the bottled water after operation, so there might be slight changes of odor and taste. However, they can easily evaporate within about one minute after removing the bottle cap, so it is always safe to drink.

MAGIC SHAKE is not a medical device.
MAGIC SHAKE cannot guarantee healing diseases and beauty effects
Please refer to our website for any changes of product specifications
Rechargeable batteries are NOT compatible to the product

  Points of notice
Within 2 minutes after the start of MAGIC SHAKE operation, you can easily switch off the product by pressing the power switch quickly for two consecutive times, and the Blue LED glow should disappear.
MAGIC SHAKE’s operation cannot be stopped after more than 2 minutes of operation in one production cycle.
MAGIC SHAKE works best for bottled mineral water of 500ml or below.
Please use new bottled mineral water for MAGIC SHAKE’s operation.
The bottled water should be full for MAGIC SHAKE’s operation.
In order to prevent contamination, please do not touch the electrode after each production cycle. Use a clean towel or clean tissue to clean the electrode, and then put it back to the protective case.
MAGIC SHAKE’s shell should also be cleaned and dried regularly.
Please cap the bottled water immediate after each cycle and drink it as soon as possible, as hydrogen water concentration will decrease over time.
  The concentration of hydrogen water will depend on the brand of bottled mineral water.
Please refer to our official website for product specification
You can increase hydrogen concentration of the bottled water by 2-3 times of consecutive operation.
Please do not consecutively use MAGIC SHAKE more than 3 times for one bottle, or not precipitate might appear, the minerals might change and the water might change in taste.
Do not use bottled water beyond the “best before” date.
Some white precipitate might appear on the electrode after continued usage. Please be rest assured as they are minerals and will not affect the quality of hydrogen water produced.
The bottled water’s neck diameter might not fit MAGIC SHAKE. If this is the case, please purchase MAGIC SHAKE bottle adaptor (sold separately)
MAGIC SHAKE is NOT a medical device.
MAGIC SHAKE does not guarantee healing disease and beauty effects.